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  • Pregnancy advice and support


  • Treating severe acne


  • Veteran mental health


  • Breast cancer in young women


Pregnancy advice and support

Learn how to undertake a confidential discussion with patients presenting with concerns about a current pregnancy or a pregnancy that occurred in the preceding 12 months. GPs who complete this activity are eligible to use Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number 4001.

Treatment of severe acne

Severe acne can be devastating, with sufferers at risk of permanent scarring, depression and other psychosocial effects. Sign up to gplearning now to explore the key features of severe acne, treatment options and the range of patients that should be referred to a dermatologist.

Working with veterans with mental health problems

For some veterans, exposure to traumatic events can contribute to mental health problems. Sign up to gplearning now to gain an understanding of the military experience, and how you can engage and support veterans with mental health problems.

Breast cancer in young women

A young woman with breast cancer faces unique challenges because of her age, however most breast cancer services are tailored to older women. This activity highlights the type of supportive care and services that GPs can coordinate for young women with breast cancer and those in recovery.

Free activities

  • Australian Family Physician


  • Cultural awareness


Australian Family Physician

Test your medical knowledge and skills by completing AFP’s Clinical Challenge. Each month, we present multiple choice questions based on Focus articles in each issue of AFP, and provide you with a chance to earn QI&CPD points.

Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness in general practice

The attitudes and practices of healthcare providers can unwittingly perpetuate the healthcare disparities experienced by groups of people. This activity, a compulsory requirement for all GP trainees in the specialist pathway, will increase your awareness of how attitudes and behaviours affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the general practice setting.