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  • Clinical risk management


  • Knee osteoarthritis


  • Eating disorders


  • Critical appraisal


Clinical risk management in general practice

The Clinical risk management in general practiceactive learning module (ALM) has been developed to help GPs and their practice teams manage clinical risks, errors, near-misses and adverse events. The content maps to the RACGP Curriculum Statement on Quality and Safety, which forms part of The RACGP curriculum for Australian general practice and should serve as a starting point for further exploration of this topic.

Knee osteoarthritis in general practice

This activity will therefore focus on the clinical diagnosis of knee OA (without the use of imaging) and the most effective methods of explaining the diagnosis, causes of the pain and best treatments to patients. The intention being to shift the emphasis from passive, symptomatic treatment to active, patient-focused management and early intervention underpinned by sound evidence to optimise quality of life outcomes.

Recognising eating disorders in general practice

Eating disorders are serious and potentially life-threatening mental illnesses. This activity aims to improve early detection and intervention by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms, helping GPs understand how to communicate with their patients about eating behaviours, and outlining the GP's role within the multidisciplinary care team.

Critical appraisal: applying scientific research in clinical practice

This ALM builds skills in the use of evidence-based medicine and critical thinking in day-to-day clinical practice. It aims to help you formulate well-structured clinical questions, effectively and efficiently use online tools to search current medical literature, understand common study designs and statistical information, and critically evaluate sources of information (e.g. research articles, systematic reviews, clinical guidelines) in order to apply current, evidence-based medicine in practice.

Free activities

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Australian Journal of General Practice

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